Art Therapy

Art Therapy deals with the same issues as conventional talk therapy but the two disciplines of art and psychology are combined. All aspects of the visual arts, creativity, human development, behavior, personality and mental health are important to the scope of art therapy. Art therapy is a modality that uses the nonverbal language of art for personal growth, insight, and transformation and is a means of connecting thoughts, feelings, and perceptions with life experiences.

Art therapy explores the symbolism that is revealed through line, shape and colour. Art expression often contains the form of human, or animal body, nature elements, real or invented, and abstractions and may be parts of self and states and expressions of emotions. Integration and awareness of these inner parts and states occurs in therapy.

The art expression becomes a form of communication for you and the therapist. A short course of art therapy often results in a shift or change that may move to greater depth or a faster process. Art therapy has expanded and is a recognized therapy for treatment in mental, spiritual and physical health, counselling and schools. Art therapy can be used to help with many problems such as trauma, anxiety, depression, other mental health problems, behavioral problems, bereavement, relationship problems, addictions, etc.