Couples Relationship Conflict/ Separation/Divorce

Relationships will often lead to some conflict unless someone is always in charge and the other person always gives in. The key is to learn to communicate and to compromise through your conflict. Very seldom will couples agree on everything. Communication with respect, openness,
complain without blame, accepting responsibility, appreciation of each other and learning to self soothe leads to a satisfactory relationship. Gottman’s research has shown there are four signs of a marriage in trouble; harsh startup in communication, the four horsemen in communication (criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling), flooding, and body language.

We use Gottman’s Couples therapy assessments and interventions with individual couples or with groups of couples. Gottman couples assessments and interventions are researched and shown to have positive results on couples who are open to learning them and using them. Some interventions we use are communication skills, how to influence each other, making and receiving repair attempts, accept and tolerate each others faults and differences, love maps, learn more about each other and become more intimate.

Couples who are not happy in their relationship, couples contemplating separation, couples who have lost intimacy in their relationship or couples who want more romance in their relationship may get help with couples therapy or with group couples therapy.