Art Therapy Drop-In Group 2PM


14/09/2018 - 29/12/2018    
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Art Therapy groups are on-going and sometimes we have a theme and other times we apply a theme from our members and what they need. There is a group check-in at the start and we establish a theme and talk about the theme as a group. The art is created for about 30 minutes or more and then we talk about the art and what came up. The purpose is to learn something about yourself through your art process. Then the check-out is about what was learnt and how it will be used. The group ends with mindfulness or a grounding to be in the present for the ride home. The charge for the group is $10 per person per group. Please call 780-232-1055 Irene Haire Registered Art Therapist/Registered Provisional Psychologist at Cloverdale Counselling 9562-82 Ave Downstairs. Please come join us when you can!