The learn to Love Your Body group is an 8 week extensive exploration of your body using a self drawing of your actual size. Every week further exploration will occur thru the art therapy process and techniques like the cognitive triangle of cognitions, feelings and experience for societal biases and the self esteem triangle of self worth, love and growth to determine where you are at. Awareness and strategies will be explored and implemented. The importance of self care and supports will be explored. How your family of origin affects your love of yourself using genogram will follow. Your thought process affects how you feel about your body and cognitive distortions will be explored and these patterns changed. Finally a review of all that was learn and a body meditation celebration. Through this process learn to love yourself!

This group will run for 8 weeks 6:30-8:00 pm from September 27 to November 15, 2019 at Cloverdale counselling at 9562 82 Ave Downstairs Edmonton Ab please call 780-232-1055 to register $250.00 for 8 weeks and payments can be arranged. Check your health plan for group coverage. Irene Haire MC, RCAT, Registered Provisional Psychologist.